Salomon Quest 4D II GTX Hiking Boot Review 2024

The modern form-factor, innovative model, fast-packing, comfort, ankle stability everything is comprised in this new model called Salomon Quest 4D II GTX. The Salomon has made this boot for mid-weight hiking boot for doing numerous activities and functions. The boots have the ability to support the joint resistance that backpackers and especially hikers demand from a shoe. “Fastpacking” implements the sophisticated light which is called alpinist. The long distance is covered by the fast packers. This product can run up to twenty miles in a time. You can simply run minimum up to 140 miles within a week while ultralight hiking.

Ultra-Modern Boot:

The Salomon Quest 4D II GTX Hiking Boots perform well. Prompt sufficient for racing, and steady enough for rough terrain, it soaks the miles. And the sophisticated technology called the 4D chassis serves foot assistance and great steadiness. The uppers consist of numerous ingredients that are easily moveable and assistance at the right time. The bond system is being the amazing one to be set. The comfy ankle collar provides the hiker's piece of mind. Wearing the boot feels the hiker at the zenith level from the inside.

Performance comparison:

To measure or evaluate the performance of any product, comfy comes first.


The comfort is the prime priority while making the boot for hikers and boot lovers. In this particular model, the design has been changed. The heel of the boot is a bit higher. Initially it would take the time to adjust the boot, but eventually, it will adjust. It will feel comfortable while squeezing miles.

The bond system is the best that has ever produced. The design is built in like that highlights the top notch. After the product Vasque Breeze2.0 GTX, this has been the product which is the most breathable of the mid-weight hikers. It has a water resistance system while it is staying breathable. This Best Hiking Boot is lofty supportive by the search super comfy.


The model is steady, stable and durable. The expert’s opinion said that it had earned the highest number in case of stability. This has perhaps the highest joint torque of the shoes so far. The hikers will feel comfy while jumping wearing this boots. The mixture of the boot’s ingredients is comfy but stiff. The measurements were right because the sole forefoot dropped fairly.


The Salomon Quest 4D II GTX Hiking Boot performs outstandingly well in the clay and slushy blizzard. The hikers feel confident when they are going out to the spot and feel comfy. In early summer or when riding on high mountains where the hikers got most of the time stuck, then it performs well to get out from that. Regarding traction, it will receive a good score.


This Salomon Quest 4D II GTX is a bit heavier to use basically. The updated model is much sophisticated than the previous one. It has got the tallest collar of the ankle. The boot is well constructed and formidably well. Many fast Packers would like to wear a model like this. The average mileage coverage by this product has to be three thousand miles in 4 or 5 months. Since it is bearing a piece of more weight and it has the possibility of being durable.

Water Resistance:

The height of the Salomon Quest 4D II GTX Hiking Boot has the raised wavelengths ever. The upper beaded has the maximum ability to restore heights. The water from the uppers breaks down promptly, so the one is drying entire water. The midweight hikers mostly love this model because of the upper hybrid construction.


Since the boot is the tallest in terms of height, so this product is undoubtedly durable. It utilizes the combination in between the fiber net on the top and suede leather. There are loads of joints in this product. The hikers are still satisfied by its durability and longevity.

Best applications:

Any trip that is made up of the long term and short term doesn’t matter, it would be the precious choice for getting a backpacking trip. For medium or heavy loads, these boots are best for carrying. If anyone desires to go out for a day hiking, this is perfect as well. Broad socks are useful for this boot and backpacking as well.


The price is affordable only $230. If you need to make a comparison about the performance, the price is more reasonable. For lighter users, then this product is a bit less expensive.


This Salomon Quest 4D II GTX Hiking Boot is adjustable in any condition of any environment. For backpacking and fastpacking, either ways the product is in sloppy situations or harsh terrain. The fast movers do also use this boot for moving fast and with a high pace. The boot gives you the vibe of a natural step up. The performance will offer you the best and meaningful for everyone. Both versions for man and woman are accessible in the market.

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