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How To Use Tire Inflator ( Five Important Step By Step Lessons )

All tire manufacturers are taking extra efforts for developing products that increase tire life, improve fuel economy, and reducing tailpipe emissions from automobiles. Thus, consumers are getting all types of different and technologically advanced tires like silica-based tires, low-rolling resistance tires, etc. Nevertheless, as an end user, you will not get the maximum benefits from these technologies unless you maintain correct tire pressure. Thus, you must be aware of how to use tire inflator correctly.

It is highly important to check the level of tire pressure of your vehicle once in every fortnight. Most people follow this rule without fail, but some are not. A majority of motorists is not even bothered about checking air pressure regularly because they need to visit a tire shop or a fuel station specifically for doing this task. But, you can do it very easily if you purchase a portable, electronic tire inflator. It is easy to operate a portable electronic tire inflator. If you use this device, you can avoid unexpected incidents of a flat tire or an underinflated tire.

Steps to Use Tire Inflator

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    As a preliminary step, you should connect the air inflator to a power socket. Most air inflators come with an extendable power cord, which is helpful for taking it close to the individual wheel. While using a tire inflator, you should keep the engine of the vehicle running, which is helpful for avoiding draining of the car battery.
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    You should check the condition of the tire before doing the task. If you find a large puncture, do not inflate the tire. In such cases, you can swap it with a spare wheel. You can also call for getting better assistance.

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    You can use the tire inflator if the tires are a little low on air or it has a slow leak. To inflate tires, you need to connect the nozzle of the compressor to the valve stem of the tire correctly. Before turning on the compression pump, you should make sure that all connections are proper

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    Now, it is time to switch on the air inflator, which allows compressed air to enter inside the tire. This process should be done with proper care. If you hear any hissing sound, you should switch off the inflator. It makes a hissing sound because of improper connection. So, you can re-tighten the valve-stem connection and nozzle properly. An improper connection will lead to an air leakage in the system.

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    You should stop and check the air pressure periodically by using a pressure gauge, which prevents over-inflation. You should also check the recommended air pressure for your vehicle. You can find it in the owner manual of your vehicle or on a placard on the driver door jamb.

It requires around 2-3 minutes inflating a fully flat tire. But, if the tire is slightly under-inflated, you can do the job in 40-50 seconds. You should discharge the compressor nozzle safely after inflating the tire. You should loosen the connection only after switching off the inflator.

How To Use Tire Inflator (Step By Step Video)

Safety TIPS

While using power equipment, you must be extra careful. Safety must be your primary consideration. Here are some safety tips, which are helpful for reducing accidents or injuries while using a tire inflator.

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    It is not safe to use a tire inflator for more than10 minutes or continuously. You should allow it to cool for at least 25 minutes. If you fail to do so, it will lead to overheating the device, which can burn up the motor and malfunction. You should never allow a tire inflator to run unsupervised.
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    You should strictly avoid inflating tires while the vehicle is running. Before connecting the hose, the engine should be shut down completely.
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    You should never depend on eyeball or assumption work for determining the air pressure. Instead, a gauge should be used for checking proper air pressure. Today, lots of tire inflator models come with built-in tire gauges. Otherwise, you can also purchase a handheld one.
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    It is also not good to use older 8amp cigarette lighter with a tire inflator. Most tire inflators have at least 15 amps. Thus, they will not work with an 8 amp cigarette lighter.
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    You should never allow children use or handle tire inflators. This is not a toy, so kids should not access it.
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    Before using a tire inflator, you should read all instructions and warnings very carefully. The operation manual will provide you all necessary information regarding the particular unit you have.
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    You should instruct the other drivers of your vehicle, if any, regarding how to use a tire inflator. Anyone who drives a vehicle must be strictly aware of how to use this device safely.

Do you Want to buy The Best Tire Inflator?

In this article we selected Top Five Best Tire Inflators  also talked about why you should buy one tire inflator from our selected tire inflator. To make your daily life easy you must need to read this article before purchase a Best Tire Inflator.

Features of a Tire Inflator

Lots of different types of tire inflators are available on the market. They come with many different features. But, some models provide you some additional features. While purchasing a tire inflator, you must be specific about the features you are looking for.

Air pressure gauge allows you checking the present air pressure inside the tire. This feature is helpful for avoiding over or under inflation.

Auto shutoff feature allows the inflator shuts off automatically once it reaches proper tire inflation. This feature is helpful for avoiding over-inflating the tire. The tires of your vehicle can be punctured at any time, during day or night. Therefore, an inflator with LED light is helpful for inflating the tire even during the night.

The power cord of some tire inflators is very long, which is helpful for reaching any tire on your vehicle. If the compressor of the inflator has higher PSI, you can inflate the tire strongly and quickly. A model with small PSI is not sufficient for inflating the tires. But, you can use it for inflating bicycles, sports equipment, and the like.

Compared to regular air compressors, most tire inflators are lightweight and smaller. Thus, you can carry them very easily. Most tire inflators provide both DC and AC power sources. You can plug the DC power into a cigarette lighter. However, a regular electrical outlet is needed for operating AC compatible air inflators.

Some tires inflators come with warning lights, which are different from LED work lights. The battery powered models do not require electrical power or cigarette lighters to operate. However, the battery must be fully charged all the time if you want to use these types of models. A carrying case or bag is essential for keeping your tire inflator handy. Therefore, most models come with carrying bag or case. It also allows you to store the components safely and securely. Durable air hose, warning lights, portability, etc are some of the other features of a tire inflator.


A tire inflator is an excellent tool that saves you and your loved ones from standing in the dark or sticking on the side of the road. If you have a reliable tire inflator, you can take care of your business and get back on the road. Tire inflators are also essential for eliminating the problems of driving issues due to low tire pressure. As mentioned earlier, lots of different tire inflators are available on the market. Besides selecting the right equipment, you must also be aware of using it properly. You will get the right information regarding how to use a tire inflator from this article.

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