All You Need To Know About How To Use A Chop Saw

A chop saw is a power tool that is used for making accurate crosscuts in wood, light materials, and plastic. A chop saw and a miter saw have lots of similarities. In a simple meaning, miter saws do all the functions of chop saws, shop saws cannot be used for doing the functions of a miter saw. Chop saws platform mounted power saws. By moving on a vertical axis, it is used for cutting wood and various different materials such as aluminum, decking, molding, lumbar, and other non-ferrous metals. You cannot cut materials that are too wide for your chop saw. This article provides you detailed information regarding using chop saws correctly.

Obtain the Materials

A circular wood-cutting blade should be used according to the size of your model. You should also obtain the lumbar you want to cut. It can be a crown molding or a baseboard. The design of a chop saw will not allow you cutting large plywood sheets.

Measure Correctly

Measurement should be made correctly and accurately. You can use a ruler or a tape for this purpose. You should mark the length as per your requirements. A protractor can be used for marking the desired angle.

Set Fences

The piece flush should be placed against the straight fence. The protractor fence can be adjusted by tuning the handle of chop saws. You should align the gap, which is helpful for sinking saw blade into the markings.

Check the Motor before Starting the Work

You should check everything before switching on the motor. It can be done by pulling saw blade down. You should start cutting once you set everything correctly.

Start Cutting

Now, you can start cutting. Once you switch on the power button, the blade starts turning. You should hold piece flush against the fence by using one hand. Your other hand should be used for lowering the blade and pushing it across this piece. You should strictly avoid moving the mood while cutting. You should also ensure that the blade cuts it cleanly and quickly. Sharpening the jagged edges with saw blades is a time-consuming procedure.

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Work Safely

You must keep in mind that chop saws are extremely dangerous than other power saws. Even the abrasive blades create lacerations and burns. A wood cutting blade can be severe for the fingers of a careless operator. Therefore, you should always use the saw with a blade guard. It is also essential to avoid making tiny cuts or using small pieces of wood, if possible.

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    If you cut smaller wood piece, you need to place your hands very close to cutting edge. The possibility of slipping the end of the piece into the gap is very high. Therefore, you must wear safety goggles while operating these saws. You should always handle the blade with a high level of diligence. It spins at the highest speed, so if anything comes in contact with the blade, it will lead to a great damage. Therefore, you must be careful about various things such as length of your sleeves. Shirt with long sleeves will take a long time to roll them up before starting the work.
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    You should also avoid wearing loose clothing while operating a power saw. You should pin or tie your long hair back, if you have, for preventing it from getting in front. Untied or unpinned hair can be extremely dangerous. Men should avoid wearing a tie while using a chop saw. You should not wear loose bracelets, dangling necklaces, or any other jewelry.
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    If the saw blade spin at full speed, it will not cause much risk because you will have full control of it. But, you must be very careful when the blade starts to spin or slow down. If the saw blade spin at half speed, it cannot cut wood effectively. But, it can injure you. In such case, the blade may catch and throw out the wood. Therefore, it is always advisable to wear protective eyewear.
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    Noise generated by power saws is extremely high. It may affect hearing badly. Therefore, you should put on earmuffs or earplugs, which are essential for protecting your ears.
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    You should strictly avoid keeping the blade against the wood till the blade is spinning at full speed. This is essential for getting full control of your saw blade. You should release the power once you finish cutting. Before removing the blade from wood, you should leave the blade to halt fully.
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    You should remove the battery or unplug the saw while repairing or doing any maintenance work on your saw. You should also do the same procedure while the power tool is not in use.

How To Use Chop Saw ( Video )

Changing Blades

Making a finer cut is not possible when the blade of the saw becomes dull. If the saw fails to cut another type of material such as composite decking or aluminum you can make sure that the blade becomes ineffective or dull. Smooth cutting is also not possible with an ineffective blade. In such conditions, you should replace the blade. Before starting the procedure, you should ensure to remove the saw completely from the power source. You should turn off the power if you are using a plug-in blade. Then, you can take connection out of the socket.

After removing the power from the saw, you should push the machine downwards and pull out the pin of the arm simultaneously. A bolt is used for holding the blade into the position. You should take off the bolt and washers that hold the blade. After pulling out the old blade completely, you can insert a new one. It should be done after removing the protective packaging completely. You should ensure to remove the protective take from the edges of the teeth of the blade. After inserting the new blade, you can tighten the bolt by hand. You should test the new blade before using it.

These saws are invaluable because of its speed and accuracy. It comes in several types with many options. Different types of chop saws are required for metalworking and woodworking. Therefore, you should determine the major applications while selecting a saw. A mini chop saw is sufficient for doing light works such as occasional minor carpentry, hobby projects, etc. However, a more powerful saw is essential for serious use. Metal chop saws are used for cutting metals and other materials like plastic. Wood chop saws are very fast and precise.


Chop saws are inevitable for many metalworking and woodworking projects. Available in several types, the blades and special designs of these saws are perfect for various applications. While purchasing a chop saw, you should research the brands and models. Specific attention should be given to manufacturer specifications. If you select the right saw, you can use it for many years. Even if you purchase the best saw, you must be aware of using chop saws. Proper usage is essential for avoiding lots of dangers and making the precise and accurate cutting.

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