How To Use A Cordless Drill | The Complete Guide 2024

With the growth of technology comes the innovation of everyday house tools. One of essential tools you will find in the market, either for DIY or just setting things up at home, is a cordless drill. There are some people that don’t know the cordless drill or how to operate them. These come with many useful features and are very easy to use with its modern bits.

If you know what a cordless drill is and what it does but don’t know how to use it, then this write-up is exactly for you. We will walk you through the easiest steps and every stage on how to use a cordless drill.

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Here’s how to use a cordless drill:

Installing A Drill Bit​

For the installation of a driver bit or a drill, use the grasping handle to open the chuck jaws with one hand in a counter-clockwise motion turn the sleeve on the chuck with the other hand. Carefully place the bit on the circular and push it as far as it can go, after which, you must re-tighten the sleeves in a clockwise motion.

Removing the Bit​

In a counterclockwise motion of your hand, grasp the handle of the drill and turn. Upon loosening of the chuck, the drill bit will start to wobble. You should be able to pull out the drill once the jaws are loose enough. This would allow for the removal of the bit but always make sure to inspect it.

Speed Range and Action Mode Selection​

The regular cordless drill will provide you with an option of two speeds. For plastics and metal, use the lower option, for timber, use the high-speed option. Additionally, there are three types of action modes for the regular cordless drill: hammer setting for the likes of masonry and bricks, drive setting for driving screws and drill setting for boring holes. It is advised that you used masonry bits when using the hammer mode.


The turning force is that the drill delivers each time it drives screws is controlled by the torque adjuster. For optimum use, soft materials should be for low setting while harder materials for roofing or decking must be on high setting.

Chuck Rotation​

The switch for forward and reverse controls the rotation of the chuck. The switch on the left is for forwarding drilling while the one on the right is naturally for reverse drilling action to remove screws and drill bits

Changing Direction​

If you are drilling any material, it is imperative that you do not change any setting be it the clutch, chuck rotation or torque collar until the machine has completely turned to a stop.

Drilling Little Holes​

For a quality finish hole, consider doing more than just chucking in a basic twist. Get yourself some high-quality special set of tapered bits to do the task. Should you be getting holes that are teary, you must be using the wrong types of bits. You can get the good kinds at any hardware store and make sure you get the ones designed for wood and for metal, depending on your need.​

Drilling Larger Holes​

For the standard large drill bit holes, you may opt to use the 1/16” to 1/12” drill bit set which can be found in your local hardware stores. These are perfect for the round holes that you desire. But if you are looking to drill a larger, rounder hole, you may always find a specialized bit with a higher quality cut. These can be used for plumbing pipes, cabinets or countertops.

Drive Screws​

Drills usually come with flat and Phillip bits, but consider also purchasing hex set of drivers, for easier assembly of furniture and taking apart most household items, either for repair or maintenance purposes.

Sand Countours, Remove Rust​

Sure your flat sand papers will smooth surfaces to some extent but a cordless drill with a sanding drum will help you sand even the most irregular shaped arcs. Consequently, a brush bit can be purchased for you to remove rust from iron or steel tools at home--- this is if you don’t own a handheld grinder.

Stronger Joints​

For the common DIY-er, a cordless drill will allow you to build anything from frames, cabinets to other furniture which needs to be angled and hidden joints. An example of jigs are the Kreg series, enables you to use standard screws for safely joining one wood to the other in no time at all--- as if a professional furniture maker did it.

Drywall Installation​

The installation of drywalls requires carrying and lifting large panels with both hands, placing it on a large panel before placing the drywall screws into the studs. A cordless drill would allow easier maneuver when you have one hand full. It can be placed on your tool belt for easier access.

Alternative Saw​

For cutting out faucets, drains or doorknobs, you can use your drill as an alternative. These come in various sizes, being attached to the cordless allowing a perfectly circle.

Screwdriver Replacement​

When you detach the cordless drill top, you can position a screw driver at the end bit and make it valuable for removing screws and installing them.

From tasks as simple as hanging pictures to a wall to DIY furniture for your lovely home, a cordless drill and driver is one versatile piece of equipment you must own. It’s portable, it’s handy, and it’s a powerful tool.

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By now you already know a thing a two about how to use a cordless drill. With the right tools, you can easily install, remove and perform other functions with the cordless drill.​

After its installation, you can use the cordless drill to handle several household maintenances. You can set it to your desired speed and you get to choose different action modes. You can use it to handles several surfaces in the home ranging from drywall installation, cabinet and frame construction, use it as an alternative saw, use it as a replacement for your screwdriver, and drill either large holes or small ones.

The importance of a cordless drill cannot be overemphasized and getting one will be of great use to you. So you can't ignore the significance of using a drill with proper tone.​

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