How to Use Drywall Anchors

Furnishing your apartment with your desired objects is one of the gratifications associated with moving to a new place. Sometimes you have already an idea of that how you would like to decorate your new place. If you want to hang something on your wall, you have to know how to use drywall anchors. Drywall anchors help you to hang on your pictures or anything else on your wall. They are used for hanging pictures, shelves, mirror, and other objects on the wall.

For proper using you have to know the different types of drywall anchors, different sizes and their weight limit.

Types of Drywall Anchors and where they are used:

There are mainly two types of drywall anchor - Expansion anchors and Hollow wall anchors.
Expansion anchors are used for hanging objects on thick materials like concerned, wood and metal.

Each and every hollow wall anchors have a unique way of spreading within the hollow of your wall. Hollow wall anchors don't work if they are not designed to work on thick materials. If you spread it, you can’t pull it back through the smaller installation hole.

Threaded anchors are stronger than expansion anchors. Even they have double strength than expansion anchors.

On the other hand, threaded drywall toggles are strong enough to hang your objects if they are installed properly.

You can use two anchors and screws if it is possible. Doing this is good for hanging pictures.

Winged plastic anchor offers you more strength than plastic expansion anchors. As this kind of anchors is made of plastic they should be installed with much care. This type of anchors are used for hanging towel bars, toilet paper holder, light weighed hangings.

Know important things before insert anchor:

While you are drilling into the wall you should keep one thing in your mind that there will not be any electrical line. If you find any electrical line there do not drill there and select another place.

Besides, we know that anchors are rated by weight. So you have to select the proper anchor that will be based on what you are going to hang on.

Be aware that the object is not too much heavy. If the object is very heavy the anchor cannot hold on.

How to use Drywall Anchors

There are different kinds of Drywall anchors which have strengths and weaknesses. An anchor that is installed on the door may not be as strong if it is installed on a wall. Straight plastic anchors, winged plastic anchors, and threaded anchors are used to hang on your pictures or other objects on the wall. Basically every day somehow you want to hang on something necessary on your wall.

How to install drywall anchors

Firstly you need to determine which type of wall you are going to install your drywall anchor. Different types of wall the different type of installation. Besides, you have to know about the weight of the object which you are going to hang on the wall. This is another important factor to consider while you are going to install a drywall anchor.

Find the place where you want to install the anchor. Then mark it with a pencil at the center. Now drill a hole with a drill machine. If the hole is too small the anchor will not install properly. Push it in till the anchor sits flush against the wall. Screw the support screw into the anchor. Turn the screw until the base of the screw comes to rest against the base of the anchor. Now you have to back the screw out slightly.

Hanging things can get a bit different. Drywall is not a powerful staff, using the right tools with right technique is important for you. Drywall anchor ensures you that your object will remain on your wall. This is especially important if you are going to hang on heavy objects on the wall.

How to install drywall anchors without a drill

In this way, you need to know that how to install drywall anchors without a drill to keep your wall hangings safe and in the place where they belong to.

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In two exterior where anchors are useful -

  • Rough exterior like concrete
  • Empty exteriors like door, wall and ceiling

You have brought a new towel holder. Now you want to attach it to the wall. But you don't know how to hang it on the wall. In this way, you have to know how to install a drywall anchor without a drill. This is one of the most popular ways for hanging objects.

You have to know the actual weight of the object you want to hang on. You can mark the hanging point with a pencil. This At first, you have to make a hole with the screwdriver on the spot that you marked. Make sure that you do not put too much pressure. Do this nicely and slowly to get a nice hole. Now take a drywall anchor and place it on the top of the screwdriver. Then take it and put it into the hole and begin to tighten it into the area. You should not over tighten it.

Now you have to take the screw and place it into the inner. Tighten it with your finger or you can tighten it up with your screwdriver. The anchor is made with a hollow center as it expands when you tighten the screw in it. Check that you fit it properly. You won't keep any gap between the wall and the anchor head. By following this direction you will be able to insert properly.

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Final Words

This is the complete guideline about how to use drywall anchors. Now you will be able to select the proper anchor and install to hang anything on your wall to decorate your house.

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