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The 5 Best Hose Reel Cart with Wheels (Review & Buying Guide) in 2024

Watering plants and lawns in a big garden is not an easy job. You will need a large hose that reaches different parts of the yard, helps you water both small and large fields with ease, and makes the organization of the hose much better. This is when the best hose reel cart with wheels enters into action. You can move the hose around with total freedom and reach places where the hose alone wouldn’t be able to.

But getting the ideal hose cart with wheels is not an easy job. There are many factors to consider, as well as thousands of models to go over. That’s why we want to make the process easy for you – and teach you everything you need to know before making a final choice.

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Premium Pick

Suncast SFB205M Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart

Best Value

Liberty Garden 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Best Choice

Best Choice Products Heavy Duty Hose Reel Cart

Why Get a Hose Reel Cart?

There are various reasons why a hose trolley can be helpful. Here we are going to show you the most critical ones – so you can be sure it won’t let you down.

Faster and Easier Transportation

This is the first thing you’ll notice that becomes easier with a hose reel cart with wheels. As soon as you start moving the piece and using its wheels to move around, then you’ll realize how helpful this tool can be.

Especially if you need to irrigate big gardens and/or backyards, then you'll notice how the wheels, along with the chance to move the hose around, are so beneficial. Reaching the farthest place from the spout won't be such a difficult job anymore.

Hose Lifespan

Not only can you reach the farthest lawn area from the spout – but you can also prolong the lifetime of your hose.

Yes, by not moving the hose directly from the spout and dragging it around, you will prevent common issues like knots, bends, and blockades. Apart from that, you can keep it away from so much sun exposure and/or vehicles, animals, and people.

With one of these, you may add several years of use to your hose. And that’s something you don’t want to dismiss.

Convenience and Safety

Lastly, you can enjoy how convenient a trolley is when it comes to storing, moving, or just reaching difficult places. On top of that, you can keep it away from areas where people can trip over, and at the same time, prevent pets and/or children from chewing or mishandling the hose.

So, yes – there’s a lot of practical use for a hose reel cart apart from just movement and increased lifespan of the hose.

The 5 Best Hose Reel Cart with Wheels

A commercial hose reel cart is probably the best model you can pick if you’re going for more prolonged operations that require higher lengths and reach. And among the many commercial models, few match the Liberty Garden 870 in terms of quality and results.
This is an industrial model with a heavy-duty build: a powder-coat finish over a 13-gauge steel frame. Along with 10-inches pneumatic tires, you can bring the cart around – through difficult terrain, steep hills, and more.

All the fixtures and fittings on the cart are made of brass and galvanized steel – making it a super sturdy and reliable product overall.
As for operation, you can enjoy a non-slip handle grip. This will make the rolling and unrolling of the hose easier. And when you add the chance to roll up to 300 feet of 5/8-inches hose – then it becomes a great choice overall. Let’s not forget you also get a 5-feet leader hose – for convenience.

Last but not least, the cart comes with a tan color that makes it hard to lose in fields. Along with a straightforward assembly, you won’t regret getting this cart at all.


  • Resilient fittings with brass and galvanized steel
  • Straightforward assembly and operation
  • High hose capacity at 300 feet
  • Sturdy and bulky tires make it effortless to operate


  • Difficult to turn the cart around
  • Thick powder coat paint affects fittings

Coming with another industrial-capacity reel cart, it is time to learn about the Best Choice Products alternative. Boasting a high-quality build and an easy-to-use design – you can save a lot of time and effort with this model.

First of all, let’s talk about its hose capacity. You can attach 5/8-inches hoses for up to 300 feet without any problem. Even in the largest of gardens, this capacity will feel like more than enough.

Then you get the 10.5-inches wheels. They’re super large and sturdy, so going through steep terrain is less of a problem. You can move this cart through dirt, broken ground, pavement, grass, or even steep hills if needed.

Despite its excellent features for practicality, what truly stands out is the overall resilience it offers. Boasting a tubular steel frame and a steel axle, you can expect exceptional durability out of the cart.

It gets even better when you consider the weather-resistant finish. A green powder-coated paint can prevent even the harshest of weather elements to cause damage to the tool.

Last but not least, it is a piece of cake to operate with foam-padded handles. You can enjoy the comfort and pain-free pushing/pulling this handle offers.


  • Good-looking and weather-resistant powder-coat finish
  • Huge 10.5-inches wheels for mobility
  • Long-lasting build with tubular steel frame
  • Comfy foam-padded handlebar for easy operation
  • Superb 300-feet hose capacity


  • Thin powder-coat paint may chip over time
  • The tires tend to lose pressure fast

You don’t need a super large reel cart to get your lawn/garden needs covered. Instead, you can pick something with enough capacity and get it all watered.

This is why the Suncast SFB205M Hosemobile Pro is such an excellent model to consider. With 225-feet of total capacity for 5/8-inches hoses, you can cover vast gardens and yards without any problem.

The model boasts small yet sturdy plastic wheels so you can move it around with ease. Along with a straightforward design, you can move even through grass, gravel, and soil without making much of an effort.

Another feature to think about is the brown and taupe color. Painted over a resin body, you can expect the cart to last several years without a single issue.

There’s also a small storage bin where you can place gardening accessories when needed. This makes the overall cart way more practical than it looks.

And if all that wasn’t enough, it is small enough to be stored almost anywhere. Along with the attractive design and effortless operation – it becomes an excellent product all around.


  • A small design and extra storage bin for practicality
  • Good-looking paint makes your house look better
  • Excellent hose capacity despite the small design
  • Ideal design and wheel for pulling with ease
  • Light construction and sleek design make operation easy


  • The plastic construction makes it flimsy
  • Extra-small design can be uncomfortable to use

Simple yet exceptionally well-made – the Liberty Garden 872 hose reel cart will make your garden watering chores a piece of cake.

Despite its residential purpose, this cart can handle up to 350-feet of total hose capacity. That’s enough to reach difficult areas without needing extra hoses. You can also store the largest ones and prevent a messy organization.

It is still a practical model overall. You get a 5-feet leader hose that makes setting it up easier. Along with a storage basket on the non-slip foam-padded handlebar – it becomes one of the most practical for sure.

There’s also a superb feature to consider: the sturdy build. Using 13-gauge steel tubes for the frame, paired with a powder-coated finish – you can expect several years of lifespan with no issue.

Add the brass and galvanized fittings for the extra durability, and you’ll get a product that will make everything much more reliable.

It is also a stable cart, so it won’t tip when using it – which makes the 8-inches wheels super helpful for going uphill or operating in a difficult land.


  • Unbeatable hose capacity at 350 feet
  • Large and steady 8-inches wheels for ease of use
  • Comfy handlebar ensures maximum grip and force
  • Durable 13-gauge steel construction with a powder finish
  • Uniquely practical basket for storing tools and hardware


  • Not as weather-resistant as expected
  • Installation can be a headache

If we had to recommend the best hose reel cart on the list, the Eley Portable Rapid-Reel Cart would surely be our first choice.
Despite not having the same capacity as other models in the list, this one will deliver a way more reliable and practical experience. Therefore, it is safe to say that Eley went for providing maximum handiness and resilience, so you could receive a superb product overall.

It all starts with a die-cast aluminum build. Along with a brass swivel and a polyurethane inlet hose – you can expect the whole tool to last for years without a single leak.

The wheelbase is wide and sturdy as well. With 10-inches turf tread tires, you can not only expect it to move around in grass and pavement with ease, but also move freely over gravel, rocky grounds, and more.

But all that gets even better when you add the 150-feet hose capacity. You can place any 5/8-inches hose and receive unparalleled reeling back and forth – making it a super convenient option overall.

Lastly, you can enjoy how easy it is to use with padded handles, a stable design, and fast reeling. Perfect for residential gardens and yards, this is a model you don’t want to dismiss.


  • High-quality aluminum build with brass fittings
  • Large tires with turf tread provide extra mobility
  • Excellent 150-feet hose capacity despite the small design
  • Easy-to-use with padded handles and fast-reeling system
  • Super-stable with large wheels and broad base


  • Ultra-expensive despite its small design
  • Does not come with a shelf/bin to store stuff

What Features to Look for While Buying a Hose Reel Cart?

Choosing just any reel cart from this list may be enough if you aren’t thinking much about the unit you’re getting. But if you’re genuinely looking for the best garden hose reel cart – then you need to put more thought into it. That’s why you should consider the following factors if you want a quality product:

Design and Stability

First of all, make sure you get a product that has the proper design to match your space needs.

It should be small enough to fit in cabinets, shelves, or garages without problems. At the same time, it should be capable enough of handling all your hoses with ease.

Furthermore, consider how stable the product is when using it. You won’t like a reel cart that can carry several hundred feet of hose but can’t stand with so much weight.

Wheels and Portability

The second thing you need to think about is the wheels and overall portability of the cart.

A cart has the primary purpose of making your garden hose more organized, but also more portable. That’s why you must try to get something with large enough wheels that can move even in the most challenging terrain.

We recommend pneumatic tires for their sturdiness. For large models, make sure the wheels are not smaller than 10-inches. If you can get wheels with at least 12-inches diameter, then that’s even better.

Also, make sure the treading on the tires is good enough. Turf tread, for example, is an excellent choice because it augments overall traction and improves mobility.

Don’t forget about the number of wheels. Some models offer two wheels, which is ideal for terrains with tons of bumps. A four-wheel model will be suitable in flattest areas where you can roll with more ease without making much of an effort.

Also, make sure the entire machine is light enough so you can handle it with ease. Some models come with sturdy builds that are durable and resilient, but eventually, make the cart less portable.

Construction and Materials

After making sure you can move the reel cart around with little to no effort, you must consider how long-lasting it is. This is mostly about the materials used in its construction.

Here, we recommend aluminum over all other materials. With the right paint, aluminum can last for years without chipping or rusting.

But other materials like brass and iron are not bad either. They just aren’t as resistant to weather conditions as aluminum with proper finish.

At the same time, aluminum makes the whole piece lighter. A plastic reel car will be lighter, yet not as resilient. In contrast, steel or brass models are heavier and durable, but less convenient.

Winding and Extras

You also want a reel cart you can wind and unwind with not much effort. That’s why there’s nothing better than automatic or easy-to-use mechanisms that make the whole winding process less problematic.

And to make the whole reel better, you can consider extras like standing bases, storage bins or shelves, padded handles, and so on. Anything that makes it easy to use and/or more practical, that’s a feature to go for.

How to Use a Hose Reel Cart?

While using a reel cart may feel like a piece of cake, they’re actually more complicated than they seem. For that, you may consider the following tips to get it working without wasting your time or effort:

  • Wind and unwind properly. Do not let the hose tangle or bend during winding/unwinding. Similarly, do not pull it too hard to prevent breakage. And always use the winding crank to make the process easier.
  • Connect the hose correctly. Always use a trim-fitting to connect the garden hose to the cart. Check that the connection and fittings are in a proper position. Prevent leaks by treating fittings and fixtures with care.
  • Never leave the faucet/spout open when not using it. This could fill the hose with too much water, creating pressure that may eventually damage fittings and/or the hose itself.
  • Don’t leave the hose trolley in the open. While they’re made to handle severe weather conditions, they can still get damaged easily when in constant exposure to UV rays, rain, dust, dirt, and so on. Keep them away from all that when not using if possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’re probably rushed and feeling like you already know enough. But don’t be so impatient – first learn about common doubts most people have about hose cart reels. You may find the question for your own doubts here:

What is the best hose trolley in the market right now?

Despite being designed for residential use, we can’t stop recommending the Eley Rapid-Reel Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart enough. Almost everything it offers will be not only ultra-practical but also durable, easy-to-use, and comfortable.

How long does a hose reel cart last?

It depends heavily on how many times a month you use it, where you use it, and how you store it. In normal conditions, they can last 5 years or even decades. For harsh use under challenging conditions, you may get a year or two.

Do I need a hose reel cart at home?

It depends heavily on how long your hose is, and how much of it you use consistently. For example, if the hose is 20 feet long and you only use it for your front yard – then you may not need one of these. But if your hose is 50 feet or longer and you use almost all of it consistently – then you need a reel cart.

Who makes the best hose reel carts?

That would be Eley. A Nebraska based company that produces hose-related products since the start of the 1990s – it is easily the most dependable and quality-oriented brand out there.

Is it difficult to learn how to install a hose reel cart?

Not necessarily. You can learn how to do so in minutes. Follow the instructions of the model you picked for a better experience.

How To Install Hose Reel Cart With Wheels

Final Words

Setting up a large hose in your garden or backyard? Then make sure you get a hose reel to keep it safe, more organized, and long-lasting.

If you want the best hose reel cart with wheels, then use this article for guidance. Follow our reviews to learn about the best models, and our buying guide to understand what you should be looking for.

This will give you the perfect idea so you can eventually pick a fantastic product overall. Pick one now!

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