Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot Review | Buyer’s Guide 2024

The Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX is the prominent name in the world of hiking boots. It is designed in such a way to utilize the maximum breathability and move faster than anything else. The boot is undoubtedly comfy, longevity, and lighter to be lifted. If anyone has the feet with low volume, then it is the appropriate product. It gets compatible easily with the narrow feet. The boot is so light that it can easily be backpacked and carried. This boot is likable to some users because it is waterproof, favorable for hikers, the ankle remains stable, and provides higher performance for hikers.

The Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX Buyer's Guide:


No, doubt, the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX is unique, comfy, and full of life. The boot is comfortable enough to breath than any other product that has been tested. The combination in-between the mesh- upper, and the leather which embraces your foot from the beginning. The dual-density of the insole is the best. This model is famous for it’s out of the box comfort. Sometimes we see that a new boot is comparatively hard to handle but this one after certain days of use, feels comfy and smooth to wear. The upper hooks are comprised the lacing system. The system is easy to use, prompt to tighten, the hook that is situated in the middle serve the active lock on the laces that we use.


The ankle is the robust thing of this product, which is the Breeze 2.0. The ankle remains stable because of the upper which is flexible and lightweight. The ankle collar is shorter than anything else. It occupies a ground which is middle and more stable supportive mid-weights.


The fascination of the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX remains not too bad or good. When you travel over the harsh ground, and the place remains wet then are conscious on the notable spot. The shapes of the foot of persons vary. Everyone has not the same shapes and sizes. Different shapes of the lugs are different under the foot, so the boot area doesn’t serve many areas in contact with the rock. This is compatible for performers who travel extensively in both mud and gravel.


The Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX hiking boot is comprised with full height ankle collar with lbs of 2.90 for the size of 12 test pair. The sufficient mesh panels included in the upper help keep the weight low.

Water Resistance:

The challenging part of the Breeze is water confrontation. The water promptly soaks by the upper mesh panels. If the wet level is higher, the boot’s upper part is penetrated and slowly dries up. The Gore-Tex liner has been activating more than the products with more upper water prevention. The design fits more with the version which is not waterproof.


This Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX mens hiking boot comes with two traits; longevity and durability. Diminishing the durability is the major weaknesses that this product has. The holes in the mesh panels permit tiny debris works to the upper side of the boot.

Best Applications:

The breeze is compatible for long day hikers. It can easily be backpacked with light loads.


It is always difficult to find out a boot that is light weight. The hikers or people who usually go out for camping is the right choice for them. The value of this product is undoubtedly affordable

Hiking Boots:

In terms of hiking boots genre, the Vasque Breeze has always been at the top position. The unique style, shape, light-weight capacity has made this exclusive for hike lovers. People who travel much around the hill tracks and wild places, this must be the apt product for them. The adventurous people can have liked this product while going out.

The evolution:

Breeze 2.0 has brought an evolution in the dominance in demanding environments. This brand always comes up with loads of features. This product has become more durable, lighter, and breathable to wear and go out. It is adjustable as well. If the toe case is too tight, then you can easily customize it at the end. The comfortability is beyond imagination and sustainable. You can easily walk 3000 miles with this product. So, whatever your decision might be about purchasing hiking boots, this will always be perfect for walking and prevent slippage on steep hills.

Quality and Construction:

The top quality upper makes it more unique and exclusive. The zenith quality has made this hiking boots unbelievably robust. The extra feature is the metal lacing hooks that is placed on the cuff. The product’s durability is used by the ingredients that have been used in it. The materials such as heel caps and rubber toe and multiple pieces of leather are attached.


The boot gets the pinnacle marks in terms of support and stability. The technicality is the mid-cut here, and it rises above the ankle. It is inevitable to serve more protection. The technicality of the product is by far the impeccable product that has been produced.

Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX


There is no doubt that this is the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX which can entirely compatible with light backpackers and hikers. The footwear is the lightest and most cozy that has so far produced for the hikers. The niche target of this product not only depends on the lightweight but also steady for the mid-weight person. To Know More Go Here

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