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Best Corded Drill

In the modern life, People uses numerous tools and instruments in fixing things and DIY projects. Corded drills play a crucial part in every person's toolkit and from drilling holes to driving screws inside concrete corded drill is the only way to get work done. Professionals, DIYers, homemakers everyone needs a Corded drill for an advanced lifestyle. There are numerous corded drills available in the market. But selecting the best one needs a little bit Knowledge and a guide that says everything. Here are the top five best Corded drills along with buying guide and reviews.

Best Corded Drill Comparison Chart

How to choose The Best Corded Drill?

A Corded drill is a tool which works for the process of drilling through drill bit on the end and a trigger on the drill handles the power of whole drilling process. These are also known as Pistol drills. Corded drills are first invented in the 20th Century by Arthur James Arnot and William Blanch Brain. Latest technology improved many features in the corded drill and developed drilling technology. Most of the Corded drills are powered by the Universal motor which gives high power.

Buying Guide and Tips Before select your own Best Corded Drill

Corded drills work on the interesting mechanism and designed with exciting technical features. A corded drill may look perfect but may not work always. So knowing few features and qualities about Corded drills will help you to select the best corded drill.

Variable Speed:

Variable speed feature controls the speed of the drill rotation to slow or fast. The user can change the speed of rotation into slower or faster rotation with the help of this feature. Slower rotation is usually used for hard materials because hard materials need more time to drill inside. Softer materials can be drilled by using faster rotation. It also depends on the type of material you are working on, the type of bit and the force you used to push the drill. So based on your requirements, select the one with good speed.

Reverse function:

The reverse function is a fantastic feature which helps user for backing screws out of the workpiece. It helps the driller to back out with reverse rotation process. Many of the latest corded drills are designed with reverse function technique. It gives versatility to the drill and checks for this feature before buying the one.

Horsepower and torque:

Horsepower is a term which is used to define the relationship between speed and torque. Many manufacturers use peak power or stalling point as the higher number. High Horsepower may damage the internal parts of the Best Corded drill. Selecting a corded drill which works on minimal horse power is important. It is also safety caution.Torque is the term which is used to define the measure of rotational force. Torque represents the stalling point of the Corded drill. Both horsepower and torque give the perfect rotation and efficiency for the Corded drill.

The length of Cord:

The Flexibility of the corded drill depends upon the length of the cord. Average corded drills lengths anywhere between 6-25′ inches in length. Based on your needs, select the corded drill with largest, medium or shorter cord.

Type of drill bits:

A corded drill with the useless drill bit is a complete waste of time and money. The drill bit is the part of the Corded drill which is important for the process of drilling. There are many varieties are drill bits. Brad point drill bits, core bits, masonry bits, center bits, twist bits, glass bits, tile bits are few type of bits. The type of drill used in the construction also determines the speed and efficiency of the Corded drill. Sharp and well-designed drills drill faster and work fine.

Chuck size:

Chuck is a structure designed to hold the drill bit. It is located in between the Corded drill body and drill bit. It holds drill bit tight and secured. Chuck design must be strong to secure the drill bit in the respective position. Some corded drills are designed with Chuck which consists of chuck key which is useful for loosening and tightening the drill bit. The average size of chucks ranges from 1/4″-3/8″.


Comfort while holding the corded drill plays an important role in the process of drilling. The corded drill must be well balanced, lighter in weight and ergonomic to hold for a long time. If it is hard to hold, it hurts hand and sometimes it may slip which causes injury to User’s hands.

Hammer function: Hammer function is the term used to count the number of blows per minute (BPM). A higher BPM means the more drills bit can provide in one minute. Check for this feature before buying the best corded drill.

Top Five Best Corded Drills:

Based upon all the guide tips and amazing features. Here is a list of top five Best corded drills along with reviews and features:

1. BLACK and DECKER Corded drill - Best Corded Hammer Drill:

Making the top of our list is not a simple task. It needs all the ideal qualities and User-friendly design. Black and Decker's corded drill makes the top of our list and one of the best Corded drills. Product dimensions are 10.5 x 3 x 10.9 inches and weigh 3.9 Pounds. Designed as 3/8-inch drill and an indispensable tool. It works great for heavy duty works and works quick and effortless. Here are more features about this corded drill.


  • Black and decker corded drill are an imported design with significant features.
  • Clutch settings are well designed and it consists of 11 position clutch which provides balanced control to prevent stripping and overdriving screws. This feature ensures the safety of the User.
  • Chuck is made up of high-quality material and takes good control of the drill bit.
  • Powered with most compatible 4.0 Amp motor which provides good power for the whole drill.
  • A the unique feature about this drill is it is constructed with Matrix quick connect system which allows tool-free change of tool attachments. This saves your effort and time.
  • Light in weight and can easily go through confined spaces.
  • Different options of speed are available which you can change based on the project.


  • Designed with unique matrix quick connect system feature.
  • Clutch settings gives tight grip
  • Nice handle and comfortable to use.
  • Light in weight and Portable design.


  • Issues with Chuck.

2. Dewalt Corded drill - Best 3 8 Corded Dril

As the name of the company is Dewalt it pretty much explains the quality and capability of this Corded drill. Dewalt corded drill comes in the second position of our list. If you are looking for a corded drill which is ideal for a variety of professional jobs, then this drill is for you. Designed as Highly versatile and compatible design.

Dewalt corded drill is designed with variable speed options to work on different type of projects. Maximum speed is 2500 rpm and controlled by the trigger. From homemaker to Professional workers, everyone can use this drill by increasing and decreasing the speed. It is very easy to use and comfortable to hold.​


  • Made as 100% ball bearing construction.
  • Chuck of this drill is made up of all metal and sizes 3/8 inches ratcheting chuck. This chuck is keyless.
  • Light in weight and easy to carry.
  • Motor power is 8 amp and very helpful for heavy duty projects. The Design of this corded drill suits for all type of projects and increases productivity.
  • The Capacity of this corded drill is 1 to 1-1/8 inch in the wood and 3/8-inch capacity in the steel which is very high and works faster.


  • Best for all kind of projects.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry.
  • Works faster
  • High power motor


  • Breakage issues are observed.

3. Hitachi Corded drill - Best Cheap Corded Drill:

Hitachi Corded drill comes in the third position of our list. Product dimensions are 14.6 x 13.6 x 4.6 inches and weigh 6.3 pounds. Designed especially for all types of wood, metals, steel and similar heavy metals. It has reversibility feature and optimal speed.


  • Designed with reversibility feature by which you can back up the drill bit.
  • Consists of Variable speed trigger which controls the speed. Easy to operate the options of speed. Stopper feature enables the user to maintain the same speed without holding the trigger.
  • Weighs just 3.1 lbs, light in weight and easy to carry it everywhere.
  • Speed trigger, speed dial, safety, and stopper are four main parts of this driller and works for single hand operation.
  • The type of the motor is single phase motor and runs off at the 120-volt power supply. It delivers high torque and increases the speed of drilling.
  • Smooth handle and easy to hold with comfort.
  • Built in with 3/8 inch keyless chuck


  • Improved technology.
  • Perfect chuck placement.
  • Versatile and reliable design.
  • Strong and powerful structure.
  • Sharp and faster drill bit.


  • Overheating issues are observed.

4. Porter-cable corded drill - Best Corded Drill for Woodworking:

Porter cable corded drill comes in the fourth position of our list.Product Dimensions are 10.9 x 3.2 x 10.9 inches and weigh 4.0 pounds. Designed as a high-quality design and high powered motor. Perfect for all high-performance projects and gives ultimate durability.


  • Designed as a very strong body
  • Powered by 6.0 amp motor which is capable of 0 to 2,500 revolutions-per-minute (RPM). The change in the power slow down and fasten the process of drilling.
  • Designed with built-in keyless chuck for fast and easy bit changes.
  • Easy to control and handle got a good grip.
  • Variable speed feature controls the speed of the drill.


  • Works very fast.
  • High powered motor.
  • Consists of a keyless chuck


  • Power cord is short.

5. Bosch Corded drill - Best Corded Drill 2017:

Bosch corded drill comes in the fifth position of our list. Manufactured by the popular company Bosch which always promises high quality. The body of the drill is completely lightweight and very powerful. Product dimensions are 11.2 x 9.9 x 2.7 inches and weigh 4.3 pounds. Powered by high capacity motors, Bosch corded drill works as one of the best-corded drills. This is not only well-designed drill but always checks out the safety of the User. The Whole body of the drill is well protected and passed all safety precautions.


  • Designed with oversized two finger trigger which is very comfortable to work with.
  • Well designed lock on system which saves the power.
  • Built in 3/8 inch keyless chuck.
  • Prevents slipping and protects the user.
  • Made up of high-quality material


  • High performance in work.
  • Safe to use.
  • Best trigger design.
  • Light in weight.


  • Issues with vibration.

How to Select and Use a Drill/Driver (Best Video)


Here is the detailed description of the buying guide and top five best corded drills. Now it is your decision to select the one based on your desire and needs. Invest in a valuable tool and improve your profit.

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