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Best Hammer Drill

Are you searching for the Best Hammer drill? Hammer drill plays a crucial role in heavy duty works and household works.Numerous models and varieties of Hammer drills are available in present days. Manufacturers are improving many features in the Hammer drills. picking a right one needs little research and good information. Here are the buying guide and top five Best drills with reviews which help you to pick the best one.

Top Five Best Hammer Drill Comparison Chart

What is The Best Hammer drill?

Hammer drill is a tool which is used to drill a hard metal or rock. Hammer drill works on the principle of delivering the short, rapid hammer thrust which drills through the material and provides quicker drilling with less effort. Hammer drills are invented in the year of 1914. Hammer drill is helpful to drill wood, concrete, steel, Iron and heavy duty metals. Hammer drill is well known as the most important tool in the toolbox to get the job done faster. From DIY projects to heavy-duty works, everything needs Hammer drill for well construction and repairs. Not all Hammer drills are good. Few hammer drills may break the next day of purchase because of the absence of some criteria. Here is the buying guide that explains all the features and important information about the Hammer drill.

Buying Guide for Best Hammer Drill:

Knowing important information about the instrument you are going to buy is always an important part of purchasing the one. A few number of features defines the utility and durability of the hammer drill. Here is the buying guide that explains everything you need to know about an ideal Hammer drill.

Torque and Speed:

Torque is the force that causes rotation. Hammer drill works on the principle of torque. It applies force on the drill bit and drill bit starts rotation. Torque is known as twisting power of the drill. Higher torque power results in the higher rotation and works very fast. Torque and speed are the main features which explain capability of the Hammer drill. Drilling speed is the term that defines the amount of rotation that the drill can deliver per one minute. The more rotations per minute the faster drill works. Ideal hammer drill speed ranges RPM from 1200 to 1500. Heavy duty works may need speed more than 2000 RPM. Depending on the type of project you are working on, select the hammer drill with good speed to work faster and quicker.

Chuck Size:

Chuck is the part of the hammer drill which holds the drill bit attached to the body. The latest model of hammer drills is designed with the chucks which are keyless. These type of drills are easy to attach and works fast.

The capacity of motor:

Most of the hammer drills are designed with the motor power of 7 AMP. 7 AMP motors are medium powered and are useful for the small type of projects. Larger and heavy duty metal projects need 10 AMP.

Depth Rod:

Depth Rod is the part of the drill which acknowledges you when the drill bit reaches the desired depth. This feature allows the user to know when the drill bit reaches the point. It prevents accidental drilling into deeper parts of the material and drills only up to allowance and desire of the User.

Variable Speed:

Selection Variable speed selection is the feature which allows you to adjust the speed of the drill. It saves power and energy. High speed is recommended for small holes and low speed is required for large holes.

Tool Length:

Tool length is an important characteristic to check in the hammer drill. The average length of the tool is from 8.5 inches to 9.5 inches. Make sure tool length is not too long because it may cause damage to the tool.


The weight of the hammer drill should be lighter and easy to hold. If it weighs more, User may feel discomfort during the process of drilling. So choose the one which is lighter in weight. Also, make sure that the handle is well designed and have an ergonomic grip to hold comfortably.

Impact per minute:

Impact per minute is the ability of the hammer drill which represents the number of ties the impact mechanism pushes the drill bit against the workpiece every minute. IPM determines the power and capability of the hammer drill. Many hammer drills are designed with IPM that is more than ten of thousands. IPM is also known as Impact energy of the drill.


Reversibility is a feature which allows the drill bit to find it’s way back. It helps in many situations like taking out screws and getting the tool back up. Reverse rotation enables drill bit to fix few repairs.

Top five Best Hammer drills Reviews:

As mentioned in buying guide, Hammers drills must be designed with all those ideal features. We selected top best hammer drills to save your time. Now you can simply select from one of the best hammer drills below.

Here are top five Best Hammer drills selected depending upon Buying guide:

1. Bosch RH328VC 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer - Best Bosch Hammer Drill:

Bosch RH328VC 1-18-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer

Bosch is a famous company well known for manufacturing high quality and best efficiency tools. Bosch Hammer drill is a strong hammer manufactured to enhance the performance. From little projects to heavy-duty projects Bosch Hamer drill always delivers faster and ideal performance.

Bosch designed this hammer drill as a lightweight, versatile, compatible and high powered machine. With high impact energy and powerful motor, this hammer drill makes the perfect tool in every technical situation.


  • Very light in weight just weigh 13.6 pounds and very easy to hold.
  • Powered by the motor of 8 Amp which delivers 2.6 ft.lbs impact energy. This impact energy is highest and works very fast. The power ratio is higher in this hammer drill and well known as powerful Hammer drill. BPM value of the Bosch hammer drill is 4000 BPM and RPM value is 900 RPM. This power is suitable for both professional and DIY projects.
  • Vibration control maintains the whole body resistant to vibrations and maintains good balance. It relieves user hand from discomfort and shakes due to vibration.
  • The handle is made up of high-quality rubber and gives you a comfortable hold. It allows you to have good control and balance on the drill.
  • Designed with the integral clutch which minimizes the torque reaction and prevents injuries.
  • Variable speed is controlled by a 3-finger trigger and based on the workpiece different ranges of speed are available.
  • Chuck capacity is SDS-plus and keyless model.
  • Cord length is eight feet and gives good flexibility.


  • Light in weight.
  • High powered motor.
  • Impact energy is high.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Good durability.


  • Bits are smaller.
  • Not designed to drill wound.

2. DeWalt DW511 1/2" (13mm) 7.8 Amp VSR Hammer Drill - Best Dewalt Hammer Drill:

DeWalt DW511 12 13mm 7.8 Amp VSR Hammer drill

Dewalt Hammer drill is well known for its Lightweight, variable speed and dual mode drill for wood, steel or masonry applications. It is an All in one kit with a multiple numbers of advantages. Both professionals and beginners can use this hammer drill easily. It is a rotary hammer drill type and always delivers ultimate performance. Here are more features of Dewalt Hammer drill which is one of the best hammer drills.


  • Powered by 8.5 amp which delivers 3 joules of impact energy. Both torque and impact energy gives very fast rotation motion and makes projects easier.
  • Designed with 360-degree handle and it gives good control
  • Built in with depth rod which makes sure to maintain drilling accuracy.
  • Vibration control option is available.
  • The drill can produce both forward and reverse drilling motions.
  • Variable speed controls the speed of the machine.
  • Can deliver up to 46000 BPM when working with heavy duty metals.


  • Well maintained depth accuracy.
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Reverse motion is available.
  • Good handle


  • Issues with the clutch.

3. SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill - Best Cheap Hammer Drill:

Skil hammer drill took the third position of this list. It is a simple and easy to use the hammer drill. Ideal for wood and heavy duty metals. Designed with keyed chuck which is 1/2 inch larger and larger size chucks can fit into this machine. This enables the hammer drill to drill faster and deeper.


  • Variable speed trigger is of 2 finger size and easy to operate. 2-finger trigger controls the speed and energy of the skill hammer drill.
  • Powered by 7.0 amp motor which is more useful for tough applications.
  • Clutch is larger and able to hold larger chucks. If you are planning for large drill bits then this tool is for you.
  • Well-designed handle and made up with good grip.
  • Easy to carry body


  • Good trigger system.
  • Ideal for heavy metals.
  • Easy to use.


  • Overheating issues are observed.

4. Hiltex 10513 1-1/2 Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill - Best Budget Hammer Drill:

Hiltex 10513 1-12 Inch SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Hiltex hammer drill is a powerful and compatible design. The manufacturer designed this hammer drill with good shape and weight. It works on the 7 amp motor and delivers 2.5 feet per pounds of impact energy. It is useful for both concrete and steel. Clutch and chuck maintain good balance on the drill bit.


  • 360 degrees handle designed as user-friendly.
  • Powered by 7 amp motor and delivers very high impact energy.
  • The the capacity of the drill is 1-1/2" in concrete and 1" for steel.
  • Well-designed handle enables perfect holding.


  • Textured grip.
  • User-friendly design.


  • Damage issues
  • Problems with drill bits.

5. PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill - Best Value Hammer Drill:

PORTER-CABLE PC70THD VSR 2-Speed Hammer Drill

Porter-cable hammer drill is powered by 7.0 AMP motor and delivers good power. It is made up of high-quality material which ensures durability.It is well known for toughest drilling projects. It perfectly suits for those who are looking for a perfect champion in tough projects. Mostly professionals need this for heavy duty projects.


  • Variable speed option is controlled by 2-finger size trigger and consists of dual speed transmission which gives maximum torque and speed.
  • Powered by 7 amp motor which delivers good power
  • Designed as a versatile and durable design.
  • Useful to drill wood, metal, steel, heavy metals and other hard materials.


  • Durability is good.
  • High speed
  • Quality work
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Good durability.


  • Over heating issues
  • Drill bit may damage sometimes.

Hammer drill vs. Rotary Hammer (Watch The Video)

Final Decisions:

Here is an ultimate list of top five best hammer drills and buying guide. Now it is your time to select the one. Based on your work and experience in using tools, do your own research and select a one in our list.

Happy Shopping.

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